We knew before starting that Jake was an exceptional builder, because we watched him build previous Parade of Homes houses. But there were qualities that remained unknown until we had a personal, first-hand experience with him. For one, he is the most honest and honorable businessman we have ever worked with in our long business careers. He is authentic, a straight-shooter, and absolutely reliable. Second, he never stops working his suppliers, doing everything in his power to make certain you get the best price, the best product, or the latest innovation. This fluidity adds to the quality of the house. It is clear that he has earned the admiration and respect of his many subcontractors. And third, Jake is the consummate project manager, a living definition of the professional discipline of project management, one with which we are very familiar. Jake did the seemingly impossible: delivered our house to us better than specified, ahead of schedule, and under budget. That’s the ideal in the project management world.

On the day we broke ground, Jake promised to build us a beautiful house, and he kept his promise. When construction questions or choices or surprises or delays arose, and we were beside ourselves worrying, Jake was unflappable, always calmly thinking the problem through, giving us the alternatives, and following through with the chosen solution. His natural inclination is to solve problems quickly and for the best result, which requires maintaining an objective distance while at the same time being as personally involved as the owner. He’s more than just a builder. A year after completing our house, Jake still drops by to make sure everything is exactly as we expected. It is.

We have built or remodeled several houses in three states, and have never met a more professional builder, both in demeanor and in skill and expertise, than Jake Joines. He was an expert guide throughout the project, leading the way for us and making our years-long dream a reality, turning an empty piece of desert into the beautiful sanctuary we call home.