Let me  start out by saying that I highly recommend J2 Construction.

I’m a bit cynical about referrals because who would post a negative one?? My referral is an honest one, which means that Jake is not perfect and there were certainly hiccups along the way. It’s only natural to expect issues.

The most important part of the home building process is how these issues, whether they be differences of opinion or delays are handled. He was a true professional who manages his team with the utmost respect. Sure, I would have liked a more speedy construction, but quality meant more than timing. Sure, I had to push hard for some details he wasn’t familiar with or felt weren’t needed, but, we worked it out, just like any other relationship. In the end, I have a quality home that I love.

My budget was initially one of my priorities. I received an initial detailed budget which was maintained throughout, with regular transparent bills from each subcontractor. All increases were due to items I changed or recommended as options.

It has now been almost 3 years since I’ve been in my dream home. 2 months ago I had an apparent water leak under my concrete driveway. I called Jake and he suggested I contact the excavator that worked on my house. Jake showed up without my asking and made sure I was taken care of. Now, I would say that was above and beyond. Most of us new home owners worry about never seeing our contractor again after the 1st year warranty. Well, don’t worry….he’s not going anywhere other than where he needs to be in order to help.

So, don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you as it did with me at first. I hear he’s working on his shmoozing skills. He communicates where and when needed to get the job done.